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Coffee Exchange

Corporate Identity Design – Coffee Exchange

Corporate Identity Design and rebranding where the key objectives in the Coffee Exchange project. The brief was to create a logo with the concept of “the love of coffee always on your mind”, the Corporate Identity Design and Logo needed to work with, and without the icon, in different variations of stacked, vertical and horizontal layouts. The Corporate Identity Design brief was to also complete and roll out all of their packaging & signage.

Origin Story: Coffee Exchange is a group of premium coffee shops, with a love for coffee. The owners initially looked at one of the popular franchises, but soon realised that they preferred to shape their own destiny and have complete control of their own space. This included starting at the source and roasting their own coffee. Hence Coffee Exchange was born.

All of their beans are roasted at the Mother Ship in Parkmore and distributed to their retail stores. The Corporate Identity Design was used throughout the restaurant, which also boasts a great bar that offers a selection of craft gins, not to mention their flagship Gin Cocktails.

[ Badge only logomark variant ]

[ No badge stacked logomark variant ]

[ Badge & stacked logomark variant ]

[ Single-line logomark variant ]