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Woodlands Wedding

Samantha Harris was looking for a graphic design service that would make her magical day have a unique look and feel.

Now, wedding invitations can go either the classical, or in this case the cartoonish themed woodland creatures’ route. I was briefed to come up with a look and feel using an autumn palette.


The Wedding Invitation designs were to incorporate unique character designs and also incorporated the clients two cats for a personal touch – see if you can find them in the designs. Just one of the many graphic design service offerings I supply.

Character Creation
Corporate Stationery
Invitation Design
Print Media
Visual Design

Samantha Harris

Seo – Client

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Print based on their existing Branding was used to create a Folder, Booklet & Brochure design for their reception area, they also requested other stationery items including Cups, Flyers and Pens.

The graphic design service included Wedding Invitation Design, Badges, Menus and Thank You Cards. A big thanks to Sam & Ray for letting MINDBOMB be a part of their wedding.