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One Manuka Honey

Packaging – One Manuka Honey

Packaging contests held on 99designs, are a great way to get exposure and also win some prize money. Such was the case when I helped a New Zealand honey company called ‘One Manuka Honey’ to create their Branding.

The Brief: “Design Packaging for a minimalist upmarket Honey Label in a hexagonal glass jar- Our honey stand alone, ONE. It is the number one honey in the market. One flower, Manuka. It is the only real honey in the market. We are the ONE source for the best honey in the world. The word ONE is as minimalist as you can get. It stand for pure. One ingredient. One location in the world you can build and harvest it. Also the word honey has ONE in it. hONEy. You only need ONE honey.”

The importance of a visual brand is often overlooked in the sale of products, and where many brands fail to see this and fall short, others look to professionals – like myself – to create outstanding Packaging and Logo design for their products.

Based on the information provided, I created the Minimalist Bee Logo wearing the crown, and the Packaging based on the shape of the hexagonal Jar. I made it through the various rounds and ended up winning the contest

One Honey Logo

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